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  • Data centre power supply

    The data centre is connected to the distribution network by an LV connection within the building. The data centre is protected against a long-term power outage from the distribution network by a Caterpillar 110 kVA diesel generator with a fuel supply of at least 24 hours.

    Short-term power outages, voltage drops in the distribution network and the start-up of the diesel generator cover the central UPS units with a capacity of 15 kVA per power branch.

  • Stand power supply

    Customer stands are supplied with one AC 230 V supply branch as standard, a second independent (from the diesel generator level) supply branch can be added on request. Power branches are backed up by central UPS units, each branch independently, and a common diesel generator.

    For customers who mainly use telecommunications equipment, there are two power supplies with DC 48 V backed up by DC power supply batteries.

  • Cooling system

    The main hall of the POP is cooled by two air conditioning units with N + 1 redundancy. The ambient temperature is regulated to 23°C (+-5°C).

    Cold air is blown under pressure into the space of the MERO double raised floor and cools customer technologies by passing cold air through the stands and perforated doors.

  • Connectivity

    The data centre is connected to the Czech Internet Centre (NIX.cz) by two own independent backbone routes connected in a circle and terminated in Prague in CE Colo and in TTC Teleport with a capacity of 3x 10 Gbit/s lines. Direct peering is provided with the peering.cz centre (connection in Prague and Bratislava, 4x 10 Gbit/s lines) and Google (10 Gbit/s line). Connection with Slovak SIX and NIX.sk peering centres is provided by 10 Gbit/s lines.

    Foreign connectivity with a total capacity of 4x 10 Gbit/s is provided by Interoute and RETN operators with consumption points in Prague, Brno and Bratislava. Capacity can be operationally increased as needed.

    Internet connectivity from our company is available to data centre customers. We also offer rental of data circuits (L1, L2) up to 100 Gbit/s and rental of unlit fibre.

    Our customers can also use the services of a number of other telecommunications operators who have their point-of-presence (POP) points in the Ostrava data centre.

    Backbone optical routes owned by our company are introduced into the data centre, namely:

    • optical route in the direction of Prague
    • optical route in the direction of Brno, then Bratislava (Slovakia) and Vienna (Austria)
    • optical route in the direction of Český Těšín providing connection to Poland
    • local optical routes within Ostrava

    Furthermore, local and long-distance optical routes of other important operators operating on the Czech market are terminated in the data centre building.

  • Security

    The Ostravia Trade building is guarded by a security service, which also runs the reception outside working hours. The entrance to the hall through the security door, the key safe and the main POP hall are constantly monitored by a camera system with a recording device with record storage up to 10 days back and exit to the central desk of the monitoring centre in Brno.

    The data rooms and the key safe are secured by an electronic security system (EZS) with outputs to the central desk of the monitoring centre in Brno.

  • Fire protection system

    The data centre, resp. technological halls, are equipped with separate alarm signalling (EPS) and flood sensors with outputs to the central counter of the monitoring centre in Brno.

  • Data centre access

    The technology halls are accessed via the main entrance of the Ostravia Trade building via a reception on 24/7/365. Technological halls are located in the 1st floor. When establishing the technology, it is possible to use the entrance from the courtyard through the gatehouse, where parking is also possible by arrangement. Each customer will receive a key and a personal PIN to access the key vault. The key to the hall and the customer stands are stored in the electronically guarded key management system.

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