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  • Connection to the distribution network

    The data centre is connected to the E.ON distribution network by an MV connection via its own MV transformer station with an output of 630 kW.

    The data centre is protected against power failure from the distribution network by a pair of Caterpillar diesel generators with an output of 550 kVA (N + 1 redundancy) and a run time of at least 2x 12 hours. The short-term backup is provided by central UPS units with a capacity of 300 kVA per branch.

  • Stand power supply

    Two separate branches 230 V/400 V AC, i.e., two separate branches with a voltage of 48 V DC.

    Both power supplies are available with back-up diesel generators, UPS units for AC 230 V and DC power supply units with batteries for 48 V DC. All with N + 1 redundancy.

    A separate power cable with its own protection and measurement is available for each stand; in case of interest, it can be extended to two to three independent power branches.

  • Cooling

    The halls are equipped with precision air conditioning units ensuring a constant temperature of 23°C, +/-5°C. The air conditioning system utilises air pressure in the space of the double technological floor, the technologies in the rack are cooled by the passage of cold air from the floor through the rack or by a system of hot and cold aisles.

  • Connectivity

    The TH Ivančice data centre is connected to the Czech NIX internet centre via its own routes in Prague by circular topology (two independent routes) via CE Colo with a transmission capacity of 10 Gbps and via TTC (also with a capacity of 10 Gbps).

    Another 10 Gbps line provides a connection to the Slovak SIX peering centre. We purchase foreign connectivity from Hibernia Networks, Interoute and Cogent (backup source). It is purchased in Prague, Brno and Bratislava with a total capacity of 4x10 Gbs, which can be operationally increased. Direct peering with peering.cz (10 Gbps) and Google (10 Gbps) centres is also provided.

    Internet connectivity from our company is available to customers in our data centre.

    We also offer rental of data circuits (L1, L2) up to 100 Gbps, or rental of unlit fibre, for connecting technology located in the data centre with another building.

    In addition, a number of other telecommunications operators operating on the domestic market, whose services can be used, have their access points (POPs) located here.

    All optical backbone network services are available in the data centre. The backbone optical routes of our company are introduced here, namely:

    • two diversified routes to Prague, Vienna and Bratislava
    • two diversified optical routes in the direction of Brno

  • Access

    Authorised customers and persons have access 24/7/365. Customers will receive a name chip card for independent access to the building and the relevant hall. Access with a chip card is conditioned by entering the PIN as the second level of protection.

  • Security

    All entrances to the data centre building are monitored by a CCTV camera system with a recording device with 30 days back. The camera outputs are connected to the central counter of the surveillance centre.

    The building is secured by an electronic security system (burglar alarm) with local alarm outputs (sirens) and with outputs led to the central counter of the surveillance centre.

    Entrances to the building, individual offices or technological premises are equipped with electronic locks and sensors to verify access rights. All inputs are logged.

  • Fire protection system

    The TH Ivančice data centre is equipped with two independent fire detection and extinguishing systems. The installed electrical fire alarm system (EPS) is equipped with fire detectors. The EPS outputs are connected to the central desk of the control centre.

    The technological halls are equipped with a semi-automatic system of a stable fire extinguishing system (SHZ). In the case of technological halls, the inert FM-200 gas is used as an extinguishing agent, which, unlike commonly used extinguishing charges (gas, aerosol, etc.), does not damage the installed technologies of our customers.

  • Maintenance

    Careful maintenance of all technological components of the data centre, including all revisions and inspections carried out according to valid standards by professional staff, contributes to the high quality of the provided services.

    Maintenance is performed by our own employees in cooperation with specialised suppliers.

    Load tests of diesel generators, UPS units are regularly performed, and resistance to power failure from the distribution system is tested.

    The HV transformer, distribution system, fire protection system, fire extinguishing system, air conditioning and humidification units are subject to regular inspections and controls.

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