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IP connectivity

Guaranteed internet connection via our optical backbone network.

IP transit

Quality connection to the international Internet through transit operators.

Data circuit

Interconnection of sites with a data flow of the required capacity and with an SLA guarantee.


Dividing the colour spectrum of fibre using WDM technology.

Fibre optics rental

Possibility to rent unlit optical fibre to internet providers.

HDPE protectors

Rental or sale of optical cable protectors for our optical network routes.


Internet calling with the possibility of using advanced telephone services.

Why we are the best

  • Tailor-made telecommunications services.
  • Reliable internet connectivity for companies and households.
  • Own optical backbone network with a length of 2,500 km.
  • Comprehensive services in the field of optical backbone network.
  • Emphasis on the use of the latest technologies.
  • 24/7/365 surveillance centre.

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