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Benefits of the service for you:

  • Easy expansion of the portfolio of services with television even for a small number of customers
  • Saving investments in providing your own service
  • No need to register as a broadcaster
  • There is no agenda associated with securing contracts with content providers and copyright organisations

What the customer gets in the basic service price:

  • Watching TV on different devices at the same time
  • Interactive features (Pause up to 3 hours, Watch from the beginning, Archive for 7 days, Record 100 hours of recording for 30 days)
  • For starters program menu
  • Access to the client zone for service settings

Terminal devices:

  • Arris VIP1113 or Arris VIP4205 set-top box
  • PC with internet browser
  • Mobile phones and tablets (Apple iOS OS from version 10.0)
  • Mobile phones and tablets (Android OS from version 5.0)
  • Samsung Smart TV (OS Tizen)
  • LG TV (webOS)
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV

Technical solution:

  • Adaptive streaming technology (HLS protocol)

    The main advantage is the adaptation of the data flow to the current network throughput. 5 profiles are created from the input stream, which with their parameters (data flow, resolution) adapt to the quality of the connection or the display options of the output device.

  • TV streams in the highest quality
  • Software processing – 4NET.TV solutions
  • Own hardware solution – identical to the DIGI2GO service
  • Content protection

Administrative interface:

  • Management of set-top boxes, clients and their services
  • Automatic billing – there is no obligation to send reports
  • Possibility of integration into used systems using REST API

Network signal distribution:

Each customer has their own part of the band (unicast traffic). For maximum use of the service in HD resolution, we recommend an end line with a capacity of 8 Mb/s.

Also use:

  • Possibility to conclude a test contract
  • CDN server to save data transfer
  • Network configuration support at service start-up
  • Favourable conditions for the purchase of set-top boxes
  • Custom virtualisation (technically identical service under the name, with a logo and in a colour design according to individual requirements)
  • Surveillance centre – available 24 hours a day

You can find the program offer of the service and other details for the Czech Republic at www.interaktivni.tv, for Slovakia at www.tv2go.eu.

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